Adventure Awaits in Northern Ireland!

Imagine wandering through the rolling green hills of Northern Ireland, exploring ancient landmarks, and cycling across Belfast's bumpy, cobblestone streets.

The Irish Studies Program, offered each fall and spring semester through a joint partnership between John Brown University and George Fox University, is a transformative experience deeply rooted in the country’s culture and history.

As part of the Irish Studies Program, you'll take courses in peacemaking and reconciliation, Irish history and culture, and other electives of interest. While there, you will reside in the historic 19th-century Lakeside Manor, situated on four acres overlooking Willis Lake in the quiet suburbs of South Belfast. 

A variety of field trips are offered, including a visit to the Northern Ireland Assembly to ask the current party members questions about past and current politics. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit Giant's Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and Dunluce Castle before jumping into the refreshing, 45-degree Herring Pond as part of the study abroad tradition.

This program is a perfect fit if you have a keen interest in Irish history and politics or have the heart to explore new places. With an emphasis on peace and conflict, you will learn the tools of peacemaking in Northern Ireland and in your own life.

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billy-stevenso200Billy Stevenson, Program Director

Add rich context to your study abroad experience, learning from professors like Billy Stevenson, whose violent childhood growing up in Northern Ireland led to his life’s work as a peacemaker. Read about his story here.

Fall Coursework

  • ART 2163 - Irish Art & Culture (Core & Global engagement)
  • BBL 2013 - Evangelical Theology (Bible Core)
  • BBL 2043 - Christian Formation (Bible Core)
  • INT 4103 - Global Environment of Business
  • HST 2023 - Integrated Humanities II (Core)
  • ICS 2113 - Intercultural Communication
  • BBL 4483 - Selected Topics: CS Lewis (REQUIRED for all students)

Spring Coursework

  • ART 2163 - Irish Art & Culture
  • BBL 2033 - Evangelical Theology
  • BBL 2043 - Christian Formation
  • POL 3223 - Peace & Conflict Reconciliation (required for all students)
  • EGL 3043 - Irish Literature
  • HST 2023 - Integrated Humanities II: Irish History & Literature
  • ICS 2113 - Intercultural Communication

Summer Term

  • ART 2163 - Irish Art and Culture
  • BBL 2033 - Evangelical Theology
  • BBL 2043 - Christian Formation
  • HST 2023 - Integrated Humanities II
  • ICS 2113 - Intercultural Communication


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Dates & Cost

Check with your university/college to see how they process the Irish Studies Program fees and payments. All prices are subject to change based on the value of the currency exchange rates.

  • men-icon Fall & Spring Dates

    Fall term dates are approximately September 7 - December 7. Spring term dates are approximately January 24 - April 24.

  • men-icon Cost: $17,500

    Covers tuition, room and board, and field trips. Prices may vary according to university or college policies. Check with your university about how your financial aid may apply.

  • men-icon Summer Option

    Dates: Summer 2024
    Cost: $5,800 for non-JBU students (flight not included), $6,300 for JBU students (flight included). Tuition includes nine hours (ART 2163, BBL 2033, BBL 2043, HST 2023 and ICS 2113), room and board, book rental, and all site entrance fees. Non-JBU students will purchase their own flight from U.S. to Dublin. There is one four-day free weekend students can choose to travel in small groups at their own expense. 


Apply to Join the Trip

Students must have a college GPA of 2.75 or higher to participate.

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